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Cyanotype Blue Printing with Lindsay Duncanson

The ‘Cyanotype’ (sometimes called a blue print or sun print), is a Victorian photographic process which has had a recent revival.

By pacing objects on paper or fabric coated with special chemicals and exposing it to sunlight or UV light we can make a beautiful deep blue image.

Over the 5 weeks we will learn how to make Cyanotypes including mixing the chemistry and applying it to different materials- fabrics, papers, and even wood.

We will then creative beautiful images using acetates, plants, drawings, objects as a simple and accessible way to get creative with a little science.

In addition I will also introduce Anthotypes as a lovely slow way to make plant based prints using kitchen cupboard chemistry!

Book your Cyanotype Blue Printing sessions

The Cyanotype Blue Printing sessions will take place at the Torch Centre on Wednesdays starting at 13:00 .  They will be held on the following dates:

  • Wednesday 5th April
  • Wednesday 12th April
  • Wednesday 19th April
  • Wednesday 26th April
  • Wednesday 3rd May