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Tune in deeply with a deeply healing 360° Dragonfly Gong Sound Bath

Tune in and awaken your inner peace and stillness to help you flow through the challenges of 2023. Come and be taken on an amazing journey with wonderful deep relaxation and special breathing practices to place a new new resilience in your body and life.

My soothing Gong Sound Bath is a blissful way to calm your mind, body, spirit and soul to help bring ease to your life and prepare you for challenges and creative times ahead. Come and be bathed in sound, relax, re-boot, recharge, re-store and experience deep clarity of mind.

I will be guiding you through special breathing practices at this sound journeying meditation and healing session. It will help boost your health and wellbeing on many levels – mental, emotional and energetic to help provide a new resilience to cope with your life.
Venture in to the ‘Power of Sound’ to transform on many levels. Let the calming vibrations of the ancient Gong, voice and a host of other musical instruments transport you to awaken your own true self and help boost your creative powers.

This complete sound immersion will help the brain ‘let go’, allow your body to de-stress and help you to glow with the flow of life. Past participants have said it is a deeply moving and relaxing experience which brings pure bliss, joy and helped bring balance to their lives.

Book your Gong Bath sessions

The  Gong Bath sessions are interspersed throughout the other sessions. They will start at 1.30pm on the following dates:

  • Friday 17th February
  • Tuesday 28th March
  • Tuesday 9th May
  • Tuesday 20th June