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Up-cycled Art

Emma Pace is a recycle artist who collects waste and found materials and re presents them for creative reuse. In these interactive workshops participants will learn upcycling skills to turn ‘trash to treasure.’ Each participant will be provided with a full kit of everything they need and written / video guidance for each project.

‘We all have up cycling projects we would like to do and things we would like to try our hand at but it’s getting all the things in the right place at the right time!’ – The beauty of Emma’s kits is that she provides an abundance of beautiful materials and a simple starting idea (which anyone can do!) but also leaves lots of room for individual creative flair. Emma’s workshops are ideal for learning new skills and making meaningful gifts for yourself or loved ones.

In Emma’s workshops she demonstrates how we can transform household fabric waste into beautiful new creations. She loves to teach resourcefulness and how we can use what we already have rather than buying new. All her kits are designed so all you have to do is open the box and let your creativity flow!

Please note: when booking your sessions, if you want to do Up-Cycled Art you need to supply your address so relevant materials can be posted to you. If you fail to provide this, your booking will be rejected.

Sessions Outline

Easter Rag Wreath

Learn how to make a beautiful textured rag wreath from fabric scraps. The kit includes fabrics, wire frame, ribbon, strip template, felt flowers and instructions to make a tassel to decorate. The finished wreath measures 25x25cm. This craft is both easy and relaxing with guaranteed stunning results. Chose your own colourways. Everything you need to complete this wreath is included in the kit. Just add a sharp pair of scissors.
Easter Rag Wreath

Tassel garland

Learn how to make a pretty tassel garland using fabric scraps. The kit includes fabric scraps, ribbon, card frame, handmade cord, beads, ribbon. This craft is simple so anyone can have a go.  Make 7 fabric scrap tassels strung together on a length of handmade cord. Chose your own colours. Everything you need to complete this garland is included in the kit. Just add scissors.

Tassel Garland

Macrame feather mobile

Learn how to make a beautiful soft macrame feather mobile. The central feather is simple to make following clear instructions with gorgeous results. Also included in this kit is a driftwood stick, needle, string, comb and handmade felt balls in colours of your choice. Everything you need to complete this mobile is included in the kit. All you need is a pair of scissors.
Macrame feather mobile

Felt angel

Learn how to make this simple and sweet angel using soft merino wool.. The kit includes. Merino wool, felting needle, wool felt ball and pipe cleaner and is much easier than it looks! Choose your own colours. Everything included in the kit to make 2 angels.

Felt Angel

Handmade cord coasters

Learn how to use fabric scraps to make your own handmade cord. The cord will then be used to make beautiful textured coasters. We will use an old cd as a base for the coasters. Kit includes: cd, fabric scraps, felt and glue. Everything you need to make 2 coasters is included in this kit. Just add scissors. Choose your own colour combinations.

Handmade Cord Coasters

Lace dream catcher

Learn how to make this boho style dreamcatcher using a premade crochet doilie (no need to weave the web!) macrame feather and fabric leaves. The kit includes a bamboo hoop, macrame cord, fabric scraps, string, beads and crochet doilie. This is a little fiddly but completely do able with a little guidance. Everything included to make one dream catcher. Just add scissors.

Lace Dreamcatcher

Book your Up-Cycled Art sessions

The Up-cycled Art sessions will take place on Wednesdays from 13.30pm to 14.30pm. The nature of these sessions mean that they may run over the one hour. They will be held on the following dates:

  • Wednesday 14th April
  • Wednesday 21st April
  • Wednesday 28th April
  • Wednesday 5th May
  • Wednesday 12th May
  • Wednesday 19th May